What Does (YN) Mean?

(YN) means "Your Name" or "fingers crossed." Here is more about each of these meanings.

Your Name

Used in fanfiction, (YN) means "Your Name." It tells readers where to insert their name so they can feature in a story or scenario. (YN) is sometimes written with square brackets, e.g., [Y/N], or Y/N.

Here is an example of (YN) being used in a fanfiction scenario:
  • Rapmon from BTS asks (YN) onto the stage to sing the opening lines of "Life Goes On."
Here is another example:
  • Come here, (YN). Let's go upstairs. I have something to show you. [Suga starts taking off his shirt and walking up the stairs.]
  • How old are you, (YN)?
(YN) is particularly common on Twitter and also in stories told using one of the Japanese cartoon styles (e.g., ANIME or MANGA). It is even used in Japanese cartoon pornography (called HENTAI.)

Fingers Crossed

(YN) is used to represent crossed fingers. In many Microsoft apps (such as Word and Skype), the text "(YN)" turns into a "crossed fingers" icon as soon as a space is inserted. When (YN) represents the "crossed fingers" icon, it can have two meanings:

(1) We're tight (close friends)
  • Jack: I've got your back today, Sara.
  • Sara: And I have yours (YN).
(2) Good luck!
  • Jack: I have bought so many lottery tickets I can't lose!
  • Sara: I'm not sure that's how it works, but (YN).

Image for (YN)

When I write (YN), I mean this: meaning of (YN) (YN) or YN means "Your Name." It can also mean "fingers crossed."

Video Summarizing (YN)

Here's a short video explaining how to use (YN):

Summary of Key Points

"Your name" is the most common definition for (YN). It is particularly common on Twitter and in fanfiction.
Definition:Your Name
3: Guessable
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers

Second Definition for (YN)

"Fingers Crossed (MSN)" is another meaning of (YN). It is an MSN (Microsoft Network) emoji or icon.
Definition:Fingers Crossed (MSN)
4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers


Examples of (YN) in Sentences

Here are some more examples of (YN) being used in conversations:
  • Tony: Hey, (YN), do you want to play hide the salami?
  • (Y/N): Are you any good at hide the salami?
  • Tony: That's for you to answer, not me.
  • (Here, (YN) means "Your Name.")
  • Tony: I get my exam results on Friday!
  • Jordan: (YN)
  • (Here, (YN) means "fingers crossed" as in good luck.)
  • Tony: Will you still be there for me when I get out of prison?
  • Jordan: Yes, (YN) forever.
  • Tony: Isn't your last boyfriend still in prison?
  • (Here, (YN) means "fingers crossed" as in "we're tight.")

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