Saying I Love You Online


Saying "I Love You" Online

Saying "I love you" to someone (especially for the first time or if you haven't said it for a while) can be difficult or feel awkward. Luckily, the rise of Cyber Speak (i.e., the language we use on chat forums and social-media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat) has made that far easier than it was for previous generations. Below is a comprehensive list of how you can express your love for someone online or by phone.

Standard Ways of Saying "I Love You"

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Ways of Saying "I Love You More"

Ways of Saying "I Love You" Using Numbers

Creative Ways of Saying "I Love You"

Ways of Saying "I Love You Too"

Ways of Saying "I Love You" but Not in That Way

Ways of Signing Off a Message with Love

Other Words for Love

Ways of Broaching "I Love You" Cautiously

Ways of Asking If They Love You

Miscellaneous Terms Related to Love

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