Chinese Chat Codes

What Are Chinese Chat Codes?

Not being alphabetic, the Chinese language does not lend itself to abbreviations, but the Chinese do have an interesting way of adding some fun into their messages and texts. In fact, Chinese "text speak," as we might call it these days, was used long before smart phones and social-media apps. For example, the number eight (八) is considered a lucky number because it is pronounced ba, which sounds like the word for prosperity. Similarly, the number four (四) is associated with bad luck because it is pronounced si, which sounds like the word for death.

In fact, lots of Chinese words have similar sounds to how Chinese numbers are pronounced, and this means whole sentences can be created using just numbers. One notable exception is the number "0" (zero), which is used to represent the word "you" (even though it does not sound much like the Chinese word for "you"). It is simply accepted that it represents the word "you" so sentences can be formed.

These Chinese "numerical sentences" have become extremely popular, not only in China but also in countries where no Chinese is spoken. For example, 594184, which sounds a lot like "You and me for a lifetime," is commonly used between lovers in West cultures, many of whom are unable to explain how it gets its meaning.
meanings of Chinese chat codes

The Meanings of Chinese Texting Numbers

NumberChinese MeaningEnglish Meaning
26你来啦You are here
28你来吧Come here
358你想我吧You miss me
4551你是我唯一You are the one and only for me
4592你是我最爱You are my beloved
564335你无聊时想想我You think of me when you are bored
594184你我就是一辈子You and me for a lifetime
654335你若无事想想我If you have nothing to do, think of me
8056你不理我啦You ignore me now?
8358你不想我吧Don't think of me
8376你别生气了Don't be angry
86你发了You made a fortune
896你不走了You are not leaving
95你找我You're looking for me
96你走了You are leaving
1299一来就走Leave as soon as you arrive
12937一来就想吃Thinking of eating as soon as you got here
12945要爱就是我I'm the one who wants love
130926一想你就来啦Just one thought of you and you arrived
1314921一生一世就爱你Love you for a lifetime
1372一厢情愿One-sided willingness
1392010一生就爱你一人You are the person I'll love for a lifetime
1573一往情深Long-lasting, focused love (Chinese idiom)
1698一路走吧Let's go together
1799一起走走Let's stroll around
20863爱你到来生Love you till the next life
234爱相随Follow you with love
246饿死了Starving to death
246437爱是如此神奇Love is so magical
25184爱我一辈子Love me for a lifetime
258爱我吧Love me
25873爱我到今生Love me till death
259695爱我就了解我To love me is to know me
3207778想和你去吹吹风Want to go out with you
3344生生世世For generations
338想想吧Let's think about it a bit
3399长长久久For a long time
35925想我就爱我To think of me is to love me
360想念你Miss you
3726想起来啦Thinking of getting up
38726想不起来啦I can't think of it
409罚你走Punish you by your leaving
456是我啦It's me
476死机了Dead phone
510我已来I'm already here
51020我依然爱你I still love you
511314 20我要一生一世 爱你Love you for a lifetime
51396我要睡觉了I want to go to sleep now
51476我也死机了My phone is dead too
516我要溜I have to go
517我要吃I want to eat
5179我要吃酒I want to drink wine
5196我要走喽I must leave now
520我爱你I love you
5201314我爱你一生一世I want you for a lifetime
52033 44587我爱你生生 世世不变心I love for a lifetime with an unchanging heart
521我愿意I'm willing
5240我爱是你You are my love
526我饿啰I'm hungry
530我想你I'm thinking of you
5366我想聊聊I want to chat for awhile
53719我深情依旧I still have deep love for you
5376我生气了I'm upset
53770我想亲亲你I'm thinking of kissing you
53880我想抱抱你I'm thinking of hugging you
546我输了I lost
548无事吧Are you OK?
555呜呜呜Wu wu wu (sobbing sound)
558午午安Good afternoon
564335无聊时想想我Think of me when you are bored
5689我溜不走I can't sneak out
57520吾妻我爱你My wife, I love you
5776我出去了I'm going out now
58晚安Good night
5810我不依你I won't listen to you
584520我发誓我爱你I swear I love you
586我不来I'm not coming
587我抱歉I am sorry
5871我不介意I don't mind
52667我俩遛遛去Let's leave slowly
594230我就是爱想你I'm thinking of you
596我走了I'm leaving
667遛遛去Let's stroll around
6785753老地方不见不散Meet at the same old place and don't leave until we meet
6868溜吧!溜吧!Sneak out! Sneak out!
70345请你相信我Please believe me
71817请你干要气Please don't get upset
7456气死我啦Angers me to death
745839其实我不想走Actually, I don't want to leave
748去死吧Go to hell
74839其实不想走Actually, not thinking of leaving
765去跳舞Go dancing
768吃了吧Let's eat
770亲亲你Kiss you
770880亲亲你抱抱你Kiss you, hug you
775亲亲我Kiss me
775885亲亲我抱抱我Kiss me, hug me
786吃饱了Done eating already
7998去走走吧Go for a walk
8006不理你了Not paying attention to you anymore
801314伴你一生一世Your companion forever
8074把你气死Upset you to death
812不要来Don't want to come
8170不要瞎动Don't move recklessly
8172不要瞎来Don't act recklessly
82475被爱是幸福Being loved is happiness
825别爱我Don't love me
837别生气Don't be angry
865别惹我Don't annoy me
885抱抱我Hug me
886拜拜了Bye Bye
898分手吧Let's split
910就要你Just want you
918加油吧Cheer up
940就是你It's you
9482就是不来Just don't come
98早安Good morning
987对不起Excuse me
99013 148875求求你一生 一世别抛弃我Beg you for a lifetime not to leave me
9958救救我吧Save me
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