What Does ATP Mean in a Text?

ATP means "Answer The Phone" and "At This Point." Here is more information about each of these definitions with examples.

Answer The Phone

The abbreviation ATP is used with the meaning "Answer The Phone" to indicate that the sender wishes to talk rather than communicate by text. ATP is often used when explaining something by text message would be too complicated, the sender simply wants to chat, or there is an urgent need to talk. For example:
  • Toni: Are you still coming on Friday?
  • Jo: I can't.
  • Toni: You said you would. What's happened? Why have you changed your mind?
  • Jo: ATP. I'll explain.
  • Sam: Why are you calling? You know I'm at work.
  • Ali: ATP. We need to talk.

At This Point

ATP is also used with the meaning "At This Point" (as in "right now," "at this moment," and "currently"). In this context, ATP is used to indicate that what is being said is true at the moment of speaking, but may not be in the future or may not have been in the past. For example:
  • ATP the weather forecast is great for Saturday.
  • ATP I'm inclined to accept the offer, just to get this all out of the way.
  • I would never have believed it but, ATP, it looks like we are going to win it!

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When I write ATP, I mean this:

meaning of ATP

"Answer The Phone"

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