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The word "shit" is a slang synonym of "feces" or "defecate." In everyday language, including on social media, in text messaging, and in chat forums, "shit" typically means "bad," "disappointing," "nonsense," or "unpleasant." However, "shit" is a much more versatile term than it may at first appear and is often employed to express a wide range of emotions, add emphasis, or convey a sense of informality.

Here is an extensive list of ways in which the word "shit" is used in slang. (If you know a term that we have missed, or you think this list is a load of "shit," please tell us using this form.)

A point with regard to grammar relating to this versatile term: It's the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit!
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Shit TermMeaning
ApeshitState of Extreme Anger, Excitement, or Agitation
As ShitExpression of Intensity or Emphasis
BatshitIrrational, Crazy, or Mentally Unstable
BullshitFalse, Deceptive, Exaggerated, or Nonsensical
ChickenshitCowardly, Timid, or Unimportant
Crazy ShitExtremely Unusual, Bizarre, or Unexpected
Deep ShitExtremely Difficult, Problematic, or Serious Situation
DipshitFoolish, Idiotic, or Incompetent Person
DogshitPoor Quality, Worthless, or Disappointing
Feel Like ShitFeel Bad, Unwell, or Miserable
Give a ShitExpression of Concern or Lack of Interest
Good ShitHigh Quality or Excellent
Holy ShitExpression of Surprise, Astonishment, or Disbelief
HorseshitUntrue, Deceptive, or Without Merit
Hot ShitImpressive, Exceptional, or Highly Skilled
Jack ShitNothing or Anything at All
No ShitAcknowledgment of an Obvious Statement
Piece of ShitUtterly Contemptible or Worthless
RatshitExtremely Bad, Unpleasant, or Worthless
Shit BricksFeel Fear, Anxiety, Surprise, or Shock
ShitheadStupid, Incompetent, or Detestable Person
Shit HotExceptionally Good, Impressive, or Excellent
ShitloadLarge Amount or Number of Something
Shit OnTreat Poorly or Unfairly
ShitpostPost Poor Quality Content Online
ShitstormA Chaotic or Controversial Situation
Shit You NotExpression of Honesty or Sincerity
The ShitImpressive, Excellent, The Best
The Shit Hit The FanA Difficult or Controversial Situation Suddenly Suddenly Caused a Lot of Trouble
Tough ShitExpression of Lack of Sympathy
Up Shit CreekIn a Troublesome Situation or Predicament

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