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First-world and even developing-world humans are all glued to their phones nowadays. As a consequence, texting has overtaken talking as a way of communicating, and screen time has replaced family time. It's pretty clear that today's lack of talking and social interaction is impacting on everyone's mental and physical health, but it's not all bad news. All this incessant following, forwarding, liking, and hating by our internet generations (the iKids) have birthed thousands of new terms, abbreviations, icons, and specialist slang terms, many of which are fun, efficient, or clever.

Most people call this new language "text speak" or "internet slang," but we call it cyber speak because there are now so many facets to it. So, if you want to get down with the squared-eyed iKids, you might like our various themed glossaries. They contain thousands of definitions, icons, emojis, and numeronyms that will help you communicate more effectively (faster, funnier, and with a more accurate tone) across the various communications apps and social-media platforms.

If you're from one of the generations that knew the world before the internet, then you probably have different values and speak a different language to the iKids. If that's you, then Cyber Definitions is for you too. There's an inter-generational war unfolding, and, as we all know, wars are a failure of communication.

Welcome. Now, dig in.

Today's Language...

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The Latest Libraries

Other Useful Libraries

Emojis and Icons

These libraries contain thousands of emojis and text-based icons. If you want to send a huge emoji to make your point stronger, we have a widget for that (just click the .png button on any emoji page).

Guardian libraries

Technical libraries

Do you need a non-standard symbol? Are you a programmer? We've got you covered. These libraries contain all the codes (HTML, Unicode, Alt, Hex) you will need to get the symbol you want.

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