List of Terms Related to Electric Vehicles

Glossary of Terms for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

It won't be too long before we're all driving around in electric vehicles, or, at the very least, hybrid vehicles. The growth of the electric-car industry in the last decade has given rise to dozens of new terms that will soon become commonplace for drivers.
list of terms and abbreviations for electric and hybrid vehicles
Below is a table of new terms and abbreviations related to electric and hybrid vehicles. (If you know a term we've missed, please tell us using this form.)
AFVAlternative Fuel VehicleAny vehicle that runs on a fuel other than traditional petrol or diesel.
BEVBattery Electric VehicleA vehicle with an electric motor powered entirely by batteries.
E-REVExtended Range Electric VehicleMeans exactly the same as EREV (below).
EREVExtended Range Electric VehicleA type of plug-in electric vehicle that is powered by an electric motor, but which uses a small petrol or diesel generator to produce electricity to charge the battery when it is depleted. (Also known as E-REVs.)
EVElectric VehicleThe umbrella term for any kind of electrified vehicle.
FCEVFuel Cell Electric VehicleElectric vehicles that use a hydrogen fuel cell to power an electric motor, which drives the vehicle. (Also known as FCVs.)
FCVFuel Cell (Electric) VehicleMeans exactly the same as FCEV (above).
HEVHybrid Electric VehicleA type of electric vehicle that uses either petrol or diesel fuel as the main power source for the engine, and also has a small electric motor which assists the internal combustion engine.
ICEInternal Combustion EngineThe type of engine used to power most non-electric power-generating devices, including vehicles. An ICE works through igniting and combusting the fuel within the engine itself.
PEVPlug-In Electric VehicleThe blanket term for any electric vehicle with a plug socket. (Also sometimes called PIVs.)
PHEVPlug-In Hybrid VehicleThe type of electric vehicle that uses either petrol or diesel fuel to power the engine, and also has batteries to power an electric motor.
PIVPlug-In VehicleAnother way of saying PEV (above).
RE-EVRange-Extended Electric VehicleAnother way of saying EREV (above.)
RExRange-Extended Electric VehicleAnother way of saying EREV (above.)
RBRegenerative BrakingA feature of electric vehicles that allows the kinetic energy generated through braking to be sent to the battery for use in powering the vehicle.
RPHRange Per HourA metric by which the power of electric vehicle chargers is rated. RPH allows drivers to estimate how far they can go after a specific period of charging.
V2GVehicle to GridThe concept of feeding the energy stored in an electric vehicle battery back into the grid.
V2XVehicle to EverythingTechnology that allows a vehicle to communicate with traffic infrastructure, control systems, and other vehicles.

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