What Does BLAZE Mean?

BLAZE means "To Smoke Cannabis." This slang term denotes the act of smoking the drug cannabis. The name is inspired by the light at the end of a cigarette. The verb to blaze means to burn fiercely or brightly.

Here are some other terms that mean to smoke cannabis: There are many slang terms related to cannabis. This is likely due to the fact that it is an illegal substance. Once adults or authorities realise what one term means, it makes way for another to take its place.

Summary of Key Points

"To Smoke Cannabis" is the most common definition for BLAZE on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
Definition:To Smoke Cannabis
Type:Slang Word (Jargon)
4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers

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When I write BLAZE, I mean this:

meaning of BLAZE
[To blaze means to smoke cannabis]


Examples of BLAZE in Sentences

Here are examples of BLAZE being used in conversations:
  • Tony: School sucks, wanna skip?
  • Jordan: Obviously, only if we can BLAZE though.
  • Tony: Where have you been? It's past 8pm! Have you been BLAZING?
  • Jordan: Oh, chill mum! I'm not a child anymore! I'm nearly 13.

An Academic Look at BLAZE

BLAZE is typically used as a verb (i.e. a doing word). For example:
  • A few of us are going to BLAZE in the park.
  • (Here, BLAZE is being used as a verb.)

What Did We Say before Texting and Social Media?

Many drug terms existed before the digital era. Drug users are constantly trying to dodge the authorities and parents. It is due to this, that these terms change and evolve every day.

Example of BLAZE Used in a Text


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