What Does ERP Mean in a Text?

Love Language or Grooming Language?

Finding love has been an online activity for decades, and it has generated a huge glossary of dating terms. Worryingly, sexual predators have also taken to the internet to find their victims. If you are a parent, it is worth learning some of the jargon used by both lovers and groomers so you can make an informed judgement on which you are dealing with. Here is the term you're looking for:

ERP (Erotic Role Play) most commonly refers to a writing game played by two writers.

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In essence, it is "erotic story tennis" with each writer being responsible for their own characters. For example:

Writer A [responsible for Jill]: As Jill entered the room, she removed her bobble hat and brushed the snowflakes to the floor. She removed the woollen scarf that Jack had lent her and handed it to him. Her confident face masked the wave of exited fear that suddenly washed over her. Despite being dressed in a full-length leather coat and knee-high leather boots, she felt naked. She knew her coat was the only barrier to her intended pass at Jack, and she knew she couldn't start her piano lesson dressed in full leather. Writer B [responsible for Jack]: Jack instantly noticed the absence of any top under Jill's coat and caught a glimpse of the top edge of Jill's bright red bra. Unsure how to respond, he didn't ask to take her coat. He quickly turned and walked to the piano. Writer A [responsible for Jill]: Jill had read his face. She didn't move. She would wait for him to turn around again, and then she would slowly unbutton her coat to reveal her brand new, bright red skimpy two-piece, and her intentions for the next hour.

Not all role play (i.e., "writing tennis") is erotic. Role play is a technique used by writers to learn each other's writing styles or simply to develop story lines. In role play (erotic or otherwise), a writer can be responsible for more than one character, and it is possible for writers to have joint "control" over characters. Role play is not limited to two writers, but it becomes hard to manage with more than two. Generally, each writer has sole responsibility for one character, known as their chari. The first rule of role play is do not interfere with someone else's chari.

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When I write ERP, I mean this:

meaning of ERP

On the internet, ERP usually relates to a game of "story tennis" between two writers.

Summary of Key Points

"Erotic Role Play" is, by far, the most common meaning for ERP when it is used in a text. (Bear in mind that it could have another meaning if used in a different context.)
Definition:Erotic Role Play
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Adults and Teenagers

Examples of ERP in Sentences

Here is an example of ERP in a sentence:
  • Tony: Shall we continue with the ERP tonight?
  • Jordan: Okay, but be warned. My chari is going to take the story in a whole new direction.
  • Tony: It sounds like my chari won't be needing his chocolate spread then.

An Academic Look at ERP

ERP is typically used as a noun (i.e., a naming word). For example:
  • That ERP was very useful. I noticed you tend to avoid adverbs.
  • (Here, ERP is being used as a noun.)
When the term is expanded, it is a noun phrase based on the compound noun role play. The word erotic is an adjective modifying role play (which can also be written role-play). ERP is an initialism abbreviation. This means it is pronounced using its individual letters (i.e., Ee Ar Pee). (Initialisms contrast with acronyms, which are spoken like words.)

Example of ERP Used in a Text


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