What Does FNF Mean?

In gaming, FNF means "Friday Night Funkin'." In the title of the song "FNF (Let's Go)" by Hitkidd & Glorilla, FNF means "F*ck Nigga Free."

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Friday Night Funkin'

In online gaming circles, FNF refers to "Friday Night Funkin'," a musical rhythm game, released in 2020.
meaning of FNF
In FNF, players compete as the main character, "Boyfriend," in freestyle singing and rapping contests with the aim of winning the approval of the father of their love interest, "Girlfriend." The game involves matching key strokes to musical notes.

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Song by Hitkidd & Glorilla

In 2022, the song "FNF (Let's Go)" was a huge hit for Hip Hop producer Hitkidd (Anthony Lorenzo Holmes Jr.,) and rapper Glorilla (Gloria Woods).

"FNF (Let's Go)" is about the joys of being a single girl and not having to worry about boys. The song went viral on social media, especially on TikTok.

Summary of Key Points for the First Definition

"Friday Night Funkin'" is the most common definition for FNF on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
Definition:Friday Night Funkin'
4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers

Summary of Key Points for the Second Definition

"Song by Hitkidd & Glorilla" is another common definition for FNF.
Definition:Song by Hitkidd & Glorilla
5: Extremely difficult to guess
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers


An Academic Look at FNF

Whether used with the meaning "Friday Night Funkin'" or "F*ck Nigga Free," FNF is classified as an initialism abbreviation, as it is pronounced using its individual letters (i.e., "Eff Enn Eff").

Initialisms are different to acronyms, which are abbreviations spoken as words (e.g., LOL, NATO).

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