CYBER FLASHING means "Sending an Unsolicited Obscene Image."

Cyber flashing is an increasingly common form of sexual harassment, in which the perpetrator sends an unsolicited explicit image or video in order to cause shock, outrage or embarrassment to the recipient.

Cyber flashers are predominantly male and usually send pictures of their own genitalia (dick pics) to strangers or to people with whom they share a remote, professional, or platonic connection (e.g., a friend-of-a-friend, a work colleague, a schoolteacher, a celebrity). According to a survey by YouGov, 41% of millennial women say they've been a victim of cyber flashing.

The term cyber flashing entered the mainstream in 2015, when a British woman was sent an obscene image over Apple Airdrop (a peer-to-peer communications system), while traveling on a train. The woman reported the issue to the police. However, they were unable to take any action as the victim had refused to accept the image and had, therefore, not received any meta data that would have identified the culprit's cellphone. This incident opened a debate which highlighted inconsistencies in laws in many countries, which mean that cyber flashing is not a specific crime in some places, while it is in others.

Cyber Flashing is sometimes hyphenated (cyber-flashing), and often written as one word (cyberflashing).


When I write CYBER FLASHING, I mean this: meaning of CYBER FLASHING CYBER FLASHING is sexual harassment.

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"Sending an Unsolicited Obscene Image" is the most common definition for CYBER FLASHING on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
Definition:Sending an Unsolicited Obscene Image
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Adults and Teenagers


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CYBER FLASHING is a neologism (i.e., a newly coined word or term which has emerged into everyday usage). Some neologisms are formally accepted into mainstream language (at which point, they cease to be neologisms), and some wither until they can longer be considered everyday terms. A neologism can be:
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