What Does DT Mean in a Text?

DT means "Delirium Tremens," "Deep Throat," "Double Tap," "Dedicated To," "Data Transmission," and "Detective."

Here is more information about each of these definitions with examples.

Delirium Tremens

Delirium tremens (DT) is the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal. Symptoms include confusion, agitation, irritability, trembling, sweating, nausea, and vomiting.

People displaying symptoms of DT are often said to have the DTs or the shakes. For example:
  • You look rough this morning. Have you got the DTs?

Deep Throat

In a sexual context, DT refers to a blow job (BJ) technique, in which the entire penis is placed into the mouth and throat of the giver. The term was popularized by the 1972 pornographic movie Deep Throat.

In 1972, during the Watergate scandal, staff at the Washington Post gave the cover name "Deep Throat" to the secret informant who provided information on the activities of the Nixon administration. The informant was later revealed to be former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Associate Director, Mark Felt.

Double Tap

In gaming and shooting, DT means "Double Tap." This is the practice of firing two rounds at a target, in order to ensure its complete neutralization.

DT is used with the same meaning on the social media app Instagram (IG). In this context, it is a way to refer to liking a post (as double tapping an image is the method for liking it).

Dedicated To

DT is also sometimes used with the meaning "Dedicated To." In this context, DT is often used by authors to show their appreciation of someone. For example:
  • This book is DT to my mom and dad. Thanks for your patience.
DT can also be used with the same meaning, but in an ironic or sarcastic way, to give the blame to someone or something. For example:
  • This morning's hangover is DT Mr Budweiser and the Budweiser family.
  • My horrible start to the day is DT all of the guys and gals at the city highway department.

Data Transmission

In communications, DT usually means "Data Transmission."


DT is also commonly used to refer to a police or private detective. For example:
  • Watch out, there's a DT in the car parked across the street.
  • I'm going to hire a DT to find out what's going on.

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