What Does MOONING Mean?

MOONING means "Strong Upward Trend" and "Exposing the Buttocks." Here is more information about each of these definitions with examples.

Strong Upward Trend

The term mooning (or "going to the moon") is used to refer to a cryptocurrency or stock that is experiencing a strong upward market trend (i.e., the price is rising rapidly). For example:
  • Ethereum is mooning this morning.
  • Green energy firms will be mooning in 2023.
  • Dogecoin is going to the moon right now!
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Exposing the Buttocks

Mooning is also used to refer to the act of exposing the buttocks (the ass cheeks) in public.

Originally intended as an insult, mooning is still often done to express protest or disrespect. However, it is now probably more often done by young people as a joke (especially when intoxicated).

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When I write MOONING, I mean this:

meaning of MOONING

MOONING is a cryptocurrency term and an offensive or humorous gesture.

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