What Does TTI Mean?

TTI means "Troubled Teen Industry."

The term "Troubled Teen Industry"(TTI) is used to refer to programs and facilities designed to control and modify the behavior of young people who are deemed "troubled" by their parents or guardians. They are also known as "residential behavioral programs for teens."

The diagnosis of a "troubled teen" is often based on brief questionnaires provided by for-profit companies, aggressively marketing to vulnerable families. TTI programs claim to be able to "fix" anything deemed to be a problem, including common teen traits, such as being disrespectful, playing too many video games, and questioning authority; as well as more serious issues such as drug and alcohol use. Some TTI programs even offer "gay conversion therapy."

Children caught up in the TTI are usually obliged to attend against their will and may even be forcibly taken from their homes. They are often confined in secluded camps with no outside contact, where they are subjected to unregulated and unlicensed programs.

Many TTI centers are conducted like military boot camps. Participants are often subjected to physical and mental abuse in the name of "tough love." Because of the lack of official oversight, sexual and physical abuse of children is common.

The multi-billion dollar TTI was brought into the spotlight by a 2020 documentary by media personality Paris Hilton, entitled "This is Paris." In the film, Hilton spoke openly about her own experience on a TTI program.

The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary

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When I write TTI, I mean this: meaning of TTI "Troubled Teen Industry"

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