What Is a Covidiot?

A "covidiot" is a person who acts irresponsibility in the context of living with the coronavirus. For example, a covidiot will ignore public-health warnings (e.g., refuse to wear a mask, arrange a party) or panic-buy and hoard items upon hearing word of a potential shortage.

The term "covidiot" is also used for newly self-proclaimed experts in virology, so-called "armchair virologists."

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When I write covidiot, I mean this:

meaning of covidiot
A "covidiot" is someone who acts irresponsibility with regard to the coronavirus pandemic.


Examples of Covidiot in Sentences

Here are examples of "covidiot" being used in conversations:
  • Tony: Wearing a mask doesn't help. The virus can still get in. I don't wear one.
  • Jordan: It's about not spreading the virus, you covidiot.
  • Tony: I have ordered a 10kg sack of pasta, 100 toilet rolls, and 20 tins of spam.
  • Jordan: Covidiot.

An Academic Look at Covidiot

The noun covidiot is a portmanteaux word from "Covid" and "idiot."

Example of Covidiot Used in a Text


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