What Does FUBU Mean?

FUBU means "For Us By Us," "F*ck Buddy," and "F*cked Up Beyond Use." Here is more information about each of these definitions, with examples of use.

For Us By Us

image for For Us By Us, showing a figure in fashionable clothing

FUBU is an acronym for "For Us, By Us," a clothing brand established in 1992, aimed at catering to the African-American community by creating fashion that resonated with the urban, hip-hop culture of the time. Founded by Daymond John, an American entrepreneur, investor, author, and television personality best known as one of the original "Sharks" on the ABC reality television series "Shark Tank," FUBU emerged from the streets of Queens, New York, embodying a self-reliant ethos and entrepreneurial spirit. The brand quickly rose to fame, leveraging the burgeoning hip-hop scene for promotion.

Although its prominence in the fashion industry has changed since its peak in the late 1990s and early 2000s, FUBU has continued to evolve. The brand has diversified its product line and undertaken various collaborations and relaunches to maintain its relevance in the changing market. Daymond John has kept the brand in the public eye through strategic partnerships and expansions into new product categories.

F*ck Buddy

image for F*ck Buddy, showing two people embracing

In the context of relationships, FUBU means "F*ck Buddy." This is a crude version of the more widely used "Friends with Benefits" (FWB). It denotes a relationship where two people engage in sexual activities without romantic commitment. It emphasizes a mutual agreement where both parties seek physical intimacy while avoiding emotional attachment or the responsibilities that come with a more serious relationship. The understanding is typically that the arrangement satisfies physical desires while allowing both individuals to remain free to pursue other romantic interests or maintain their single status. For example?

  • Sam: I like you, but I don't want to go out with you. Do you want to be my FUBU?
  • Lee: "I think I'd rather make you my "f*ck-off buddy."

F*cked Up Beyond Use

image for F*cked Up Beyond Use, showing a smashed watch

FUBU also means "F*cked Up Beyond Use." In this context, it expresses a state of complete disrepair or dysfunction. It is often often used to describe situations or items so severely damaged or flawed, they're considered irreparable. For example:

  • Chris: You are totally FUBU.
  • Ali: Well, at least you can take solace in the fact that you're so useless you can be used as an example.
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    When I write FUBU, I mean this:

    meaning of FUBU

    The definition of FUBU depends on the context.

    Summary of Key Points for the First Definition

    "For Us By Us" is a common definition for FUBU on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
    Definition:For Us By Us
    Guessability:guessability level 4

    4: Difficult to guess

    Typical Users:typical user

    Adults and Teenagers

    Summary of Key Points for the Second Definition

    "F*ck Buddy" is a common definition for FUBU in casual relationships.
    Definition:F*ck Buddy
    Guessability:guessability level 3

    3: Guessable

    Typical Users:typical user

    Adults and Teenagers

    Summary of Key Points for the Third Definition

    "F*cked Up Beyond Use" another definition for FUBU.
    Definition:F*cked Up Beyond Use
    Guessability:guessability level 4

    4: Difficult to guess

    Typical Users:typical user


    An Academic Look at FUBU

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    When used to mean "For Us By Us" or "F*cked Up Beyond Use," FUBU is classified as an initialism abbreviation, as it is pronounced one letter at a time. Initialisms are different to acronyms, which are abbreviations spoken as words.

    When used to mean "F*ck Buddy," FUBU is a shortened version of the words "f*ck" and "buddy," therefore it is a contraction. Contractions can be formed in a number of ways, including:
    • Omitting letters from a word (e.g., pct (percent), obv (obviously)).
    • Using letters from the start and end of the word (e.g., adds, Dr (Doctor)).
    • Using an apostrophe to replace a letter or letters (e.g., don't (do not), can't (cannot)).

    Example of FUBU Used in a Text

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