What Does GYATT Mean?

GYATT is an exclamation of admiration or appreciation.

GYATT is a word (pronounced "geeyat") used as an exclamation of admiration or appreciation.

GYATT is an alternative spelling of gyat, used to express even more excitement on the part of the sender. It is typically used by young men when commenting on the physical attributes of a girl or woman. For example: During the summer of 2022, GYATT went viral on TikTok, with videos such as this one attracting lots of comments:
@xxkingwillxx gyattt the recoil on that 🤤#xxkingwillxx #foryoupage #fyp #gyatt ♬ Monkey Sound Effects - Hollywood Studio Sound Effects
GYATT is often typed in lowercase and sometimes typed as GYAAT. Particularly excitable posters often use full uppercase, add more Ts, and use exclamation marks (e.g., GYATTTTTTTTTT!!).

GYATT is similar in meaning and use to expressions such as "goddamn" and abbreviations such as OMG ("Oh My God!").

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When I write GYATT, I mean this: meaning of GYATT GYATT is sometimes typed GYAT or GYAAT.

Summary of Key Points

"Exclamation of Admiration or Appreciation" is the most common definition for GYATT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
Definition:Exclamation of Admiration or Appreciation
3: Guessable
Typical Users:
Adults and Teenagers


An Academic Look at GYATT

GYATT is an interjection. Interjections are words used to express feeling or sudden emotion. They can be standalone or used as part of a sentence (usually at the start).

An interjection can end in an exclamation mark to express a particularly strong feeling or emotion, but these are often omitted in text speak.

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