What Is a FUPA?

A FUPA is a pubic pooch. It is an abbreviation for "Fat Upper Pubic Area."

More specifically, FUPA is the name given to the excess subcutaneous fat (fat immediately under the skin) in the lower-abdominal region. Many people have visible FUPAs. They can range in size from quite small and barely noticeable to much larger and very obvious.

What Causes a FUPA?

Some common cases of FUPAs are recorded as:
  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Weight Gain (especially if caused by poor diet).
  • Muscle Laxity (typically after pregnancy).
  • Stress (especially when associated with comfort eating).
  • Rapid Weight Loss (which can cause a 'loose-skin FUPA').
A FUPA is sometimes called a panniculus, but this term is used in plastic surgery to describe loose skin in the abdominal region following rapid weight loss.

The term FUPA rocketed to international attention in September 2018, when American singer Beyonce Knowles used it in an interview with American Vogue Magazine. In the interview, Beyonce was quoted as saying, "But right now, my little FUPA and I feel like we are meant to be."

FUPA is also often spelled FOOPA.

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When I write FUPA, I mean this: meaning of FUPA Beyonce was the proud owner of a FUPA.

Video of FUPA

Here's a short video explaining the term FUPA:

Summary of Key Points

Definition:Fat Upper Pubic Area.
4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users:


Examples of FUPA in Sentences

Here is an example of FUPA being used in a conversation:
  • Jan: Any ideas on how to avoid getting a FUPA?
  • Angie: Easy! Eat well, live well and pray you have the right genes!

An Academic Look at FUPA

As it is spoken like a word, FUPA is an acronym. Acronyms contrast with initialism abbreviations, which are pronounced using their individual letters.

Example of FUPA Used in a Text


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