What Does IRA Mean in a Text?

IRA means "Inflation Reduction Act," "Irish Republican Army," and "Individual Retirement Account." Here is more information about each of these definitions with examples.

Inflation Reduction Act

The "Inflation Reduction Act" (IRA) 2022, is a United States federal law that is designed to curb inflation by reducing the deficit, lowering prices for prescription drugs, investing in domestic energy production, and promoting clean energy.

The IRA was signed into law by President Joe Biden on August 16, 2022.

Irish Republican Army

IRA also means "Irish Republican Army." The IRA is a paramilitary organization that was formed in 1919 to fight for Irish independence from British rule. The IRA's main goal was to achieve a united and independent Ireland, free from British influence.

The IRA has gone through different phases and splits throughout its history. It was involved in armed conflicts with British forces for many years, particularly during the period known as "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland, which lasted from the late 1960s to the late 1990s. During this time, the IRA carried out numerous bombings, shootings, and other attacks.

In 1998, a peace agreement called the Good Friday Agreement was signed, which led to a ceasefire by the IRA and other paramilitary groups. Since then, the IRA has officially disbanded, but some splinter groups and dissident republicans have continued to carry out sporadic acts of violence in pursuit of Irish reunification.

Individual Retirement Account

IRA also means "Individual Retirement Account." In this context, an IRA is a type of investment account that taxpayers in the United States can use to save money for their retirement. IRA contributions are made with pre-tax income, meaning no taxes are paid until the money is withdrawn.

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When I write IRA, I mean this:

meaning of IRA

The Inflation Reduction Act was passed in 2022.

Summary of Key Points for the First Definition

"Inflation Reduction Act" is a common definition for IRA on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
Definition:Inflation Reduction Act
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4: Difficult to guess

Typical Users:typical user

Summary of Key Points for the Second Definition

"Irish Republican Army" is another common definition for IRA.
Definition:Irish Republican Army
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Adults and Teenagers

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IRA also means "Individual Retirement Account."
Definition:Individual Retirement Account
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Examples of IRA in Sentences

Here's an example of IRA being used in conversations:
  • Toni: The IRA is going to give us a chance to fight climate change.
  • Jo: The Irish Republicans have declared was on the big oil companies?!
  • Toni: Not them. I'm talking about the new financial package IRA.
  • Jo: Saving for a pension will stop the climate armageddon?
  • Toni: No! The Inflation Reduction Act IRA that Joe Biden has signed into law.
  • Jo: Oh. Maybe. I think we would have a better chance if the Irish did declare was on the polluters.
  • (Here, IRA means "Irish Republican Army," "Individual Retirement Account," and "Inflation Reduction Act.")

An Academic Look at IRA

As it is pronounced using its individual letters (i.e., "Eya Arr Ay"), IRA is classified as an initialism abbreviation.

Initialisms are different to acronyms, which are abbreviations spoken as words (e.g., GOAT, NATO).

Example of IRA Used in a Text

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