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Cyber DefinitionMeaning
I<3UI Love You
I8All Right
IAI Agree
IABI Am Bored
IABWIn a Bad Way
IACIn Any Case
IADIt All Depends
IAEIn Any Event
IAGIt's All Good
IAKI Already Know
IALI Actually Laughed, I Ain't Laughing
IAMAI Am Mildly Amused
IANADI Am Not a Doctor
IANALI Am Not a Lawyer
IASIn a Second
IATAInternational Air Transport Association
IAUI Adore You
IAWI Agree with
IAWIn Accordance with
IAWTCI Agree with That Comment
IAWTCSMI Agree with This Comment So Much
IAWTPI Agree With This Post
IAYI Adore You
IBInspired By, International Baccalaureate
IB2DI Beg To Differ
IB4TLIn before the Lock
IBANInternational Bank Account Number
IBBI'll Be Back
IBIDThe Same Place (from the Latin "ibidem")
IBKIdiot Behind Keyboard
IBLIn Before Lock
IBMInternational Business Machines Corporation
IBMTSI've Been Meaning to Say
IBSIrritable Bowel Syndrome
IBTDIn before the Delete
IBTLIn before the Lock
IBUIbuprofen, International Bitterness Unit
IBUWUI'm Breaking up with You
IBWI'll Be Waiting
IBYPI Beg Your Pardon
ICAMI Couldn't Agree More
ICAYI Care About You
ICBI Can't Believe
ICBBI Can't Be Bothered
ICBII Can't Believe It
ICBINBI Can't Believe It's Not Butter
ICBMIntercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICBSSTI Can't Believe She Said That
ICBWIt Could Be Worse
ICCLI Couldn't Care Less
ICEDiamonds, Internal Combustion Engine, Kill, Methamphetamine
ICKDisgusting or Horrible
ICLI Can't Lie
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICOInitial Coin Offering (Cryptocurrency Term)
ICQI Seek You (Instant Messaging Program)
ICRI Can't Remember
ICSLI Can't Stop Laughing
ICSTAYI Can't Stop Thinking about You
ICTInformation and Communication Technology
ICUIntensive Care Unit
ICWI Can't Wait
ICWIn Connection with
ICWUDTI See What You Did There
ICYDKIn Case You Didn't Know
ICYMIIn Case You Missed It
ID10TUser Error
IDBII Don't Believe It
IDBYI Don't Believe You
IDCI Don't Care
IDEIntegrated Development Environment, Integrated Device Electronics
IDECI Don't Even Care
IDEKI Don't Even Know
IDEKYI Don't Even Know You
IDENTITARIAN MOVEMENTEuropean Far-Right Anti-Immigrant Group
IDEWTKI Don't Even Want To Know
IDFBIsland Dream for Battle" or "dnalsI maerD roF elttaB
IDFGI Don't Feel Good
IDFLII Don't Feel Like It
IDGADI Don't Give a Damn
IDGAFI Don't Give a F*ck
IDGII Don't Get It
IDHACI Don't Have a Clue
IDHTTI Don't Have the Time
IDII Doubt It
IDJI Don't Judge
IDKI Don't Know
IDKEI Don't Know Either
IDKWI Don't Know Why
IDKWTDI Don't Know What To Do
IDKWYMI Don't Know What You Mean
IDKYI Don't Know Why
IDLI Don't Like
IDLII Don't Like It
IDLTI Don't Like That
IDLYI Don't Love/Like You
IDMI Don't Mind, It Doesn't Matter, Intelligent Dance Music, Internet Download Manager
IDNI Don't No (Know)
IDNKI Do Not Know
IDRI Don't Remember
IDRCI Don't Really Care
IDRKI Don't Really Know
IDSTIf Destroyed Still True
IDTI Don't Think
IDTSI Don't Think So
IDUI Don't Understand
IDUNNOI Don't Know
IDWI Don't Want
IDWKI Don't Wanna Know
IDWTI Don't Want To
IDWTAII Don't Wanna Talk About It
IDWTKI Don't Want to Know
IEInternet Explorer, That Is
IEDImprovised Explosive Device
IEOInitial Exchange Offering (Cryptocurrency Term), In Everyone's Opinion
IEPIndividualized Education Program
IFFIf and Only If, Identification Friend or Foe, Internet Friends Forever
IFMIn Fond Memory
IGIgnorant, Ignore, I Guess, In Game, Instagram
IGHTAll Right
IIGHTAll Right
IGMI Got Mine
IGMCI'll Get My Coat
IGNIn-Game Name, Entertainment Website
IGNBI'm Going Now Bye
IGNTSI've Got Nothing to Say
IGSI Guess So
IGTGI've Got to Go
IGUI Give Up
IGWTIn God We Trust
IGYI Get You
IGYBI've Got Your Back
IH8UI Hate You
IHACI Have A Customer
IHDKI Honestly Don't Know
IHMI Hate Mondays
IHMLI Hate My Life
IHNCI Have No Clue
IHNII Have No Idea
IHOIn Honor of
IHPI Hate People
IHSI Hope So
IHTI Hate This
IHUI Hate You
IHYI Hate You
IHYDMI Hope You Don't Mind
IHYSMI Hate You So Much
IIBIgnorance Is Bliss
IIFYMIf It Fits Your Macros
IIGHTAll Right
IIHIf I'm Honest
IILI'm In Love
IINMIf I'm Not Mistaken
IIRIdiot In Room
IIRCIf I Remember Correctly
IISInternet Information Services
IITUWUTMASIf I Tell You Will You Tell Me A Secret?
IITWIIn It To Win It
IITYIHTKYIf I Tell You I Will Have to Kill You
IITYWYBMADIf I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink
IITYWYBMADIf I Tell You Will You Buy Me a Drink?
IITYWYKMIf I Tell You Will You Kiss Me?
IIUCIf I Understand Correctly
IIWIIIt Is What It Is
IIWYIf I Were You
IJI'm Joking
IJAFIt's Just a Fact
IJBOLI Just Burst Out Laughing
IJDKI Just Don't Know
IJGI Just Giggled
IJKI'm Just Kidding
IJLI Just Laughed
IJSI'm Just Saying
IJWTKI Just Want to Know
IJWTSI Just Want to Say
IKI Know
IKEDwight D. Eisenhower (US President)
IKHI Know, Huh (i.e. it's obvious)
IKHYFI Know How You Feel
IKLYI Kinda Like You
IKMI Know Man
IKMTYI Know More Than You
IKNI Know Not
IKRI Know Right
IKTI Knew That, I Know That
IKTFI Know the Feeling
IKTRI Know That's Right
IKWUMI Know What You Mean
IKWYDLSI Know What You Did Last Summer
IKWYLI Know Where You Live
IKWYMI Know What You Mean
IKYI Know You
IKYPI'll Keep You Posted
ILI Laugh, In Love
ILDIch Liebe Dich ("I love you" in German)
ILHI Love Her, I Love Him
ILII Love It, I'm Laughing Internally
ILMLI Love My Life
ILMOIn Loving Memory of
ILNYI Love New York
ILQI Like You, Inbound Link Quality
ILSInflated Lat Syndrome
ILTI Like That
ILUI Love You
ILU2I Love You Too
ILUMI Love You More
ILUSMI Love You So Much
ILUTI Love You Too
ILYI Love You
ILY2I Love You Too
ILYAI Love You All
ILYAAFI Love You As a Friend
ILYAMI Love You As a Mate
ILYBI Love You Baby, I Love You Both
ILYFI'll Love You Forever
ILYGI Love You Guys, I Love You Girls
ILYKI'll Let You Know
ILYLI Love You Lots
ILYLASI Love You Like a Sister
ILYLTI Love You Long Time
ILYMI Love You More
ILYSDMI Love You So Damn Much
ILYSMI Love You So Much
ILYSMBI Love You So Much Baby
ILYSMBIDKHTTYBIKYDLMBI Love You So Much But I Don't Know How To Tell You Because I Know You Don't Love Me Back
ILYSMMI Love You So Much More
ILYTI Love You Too
ILYTBI Love You to Bits
ILYVMI Love You Very Much
ILYWAMHI Love You with All My Heart
IMInstant Message
IMAI Am Going To, I Must Admit, Institute of Management Accountants
IMAHOIn My Absolutely Honest Opinion
IMAOIn My Arrogant Opinion
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
IMAXImage Maximum
IMBI'm Bored
IMBOIn My Biased Opinion
IMCOIn My Considered Opinion
IMDIn My Defense
IMDBInternet Movie Database
IMEIn My Experience
IMEOIn My Educated Opinion
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMHIn My Head
IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
IMINGInstant Messaging
IMINTImagery Intelligence
IMKIn My Knowledge
IMMAI'm Going to
IMMAOIn My Most Arrogant Opinion
IMMDIt Made My Day
IMMLI Made Myself laugh, It Made Me Laugh
IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble Opinion
IMOIn My Opinion
IMOOIn My Own Opinion
IMPIt's My Pleasure
IMPOIn My Personal Opinion
IMRI Mean, Really
IMSIrritable Male Syndrome
IMSMRIf Memory Serves Me Right
IMUI Miss You
IMUSMI Miss You So Much
IMVUInstant Messaging Virtual Universe
IMWTKInquiring Minds Want to Know
IMYI Miss You
IMYAI Miss You Already
IMYMI Miss You More
IMYSMI Miss You So Much
IMYTI Miss You Too
IN THE BAGThe Deal Is Done
INAHI Need A Hug
INBI'm Not Bothered
INB4In before
INBDIt's No Big Deal
INCIncoming (Gaming Term), Incorporated, Including
INCELInvoluntary Celibate
INCYDKIn Case You Didn't Know
INFLATIONRate of Increase in Prices
INITIsn't it?
INKI Never Knew
INOPIn Need of Practice
INPOIn No Particular Order
INRIIesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews)
INRSIt's Not Rocket Science
INSI'm Not Sure
INSIDERInside joke, Mole
INSTA LOVEUnrealistic and Instantaneous Romantic Attraction
INTIntelligence, Isn't it
INTKI Need To Know
INVUI Envy You
INWLYI Never Wanna Lose You
INYI Need You
IOABI'm on a Boat
IOCInternational Olympic Committee
IOHI'm Outta Here
IOII'm over it, Indication of Interest
IOICIf Only I Could
IOMIsle of Man
IOMWI'm on My Way
IONI Don't, In Other News, Video Gaming Term
IONOI Don't Know
IOSInternet / IPhone Operating System(APPLE)
IOTInternet of Things
IOTTI'm on the Train
IOUI Owe You
IOWIn Other Words
IOYKIf Only You Knew
IPIntellectual Property, Internet Protocol
IPAIndia Pale Ale, International Phonetic Alphabet
IPCIgnore Post Count
IPOInitial Public Offering
IPSECInternet Protocol Security
IPTIs Partial To
IQIntelligence Quotient
IRAIndividual Retirement Account, Inflation Reduction Act, Irish Republican Army
IRAHInsert Relevant Acronym Here
IRCInternet Relay Chat
IRCOPInternet Relay Chat Operator
IRDCI Really Don't Care
IRDKI Really Don't Know
IRIEAll Right
IRLIn Real Life
IRLYI Really Like You
IRMC I Rest My Case
IRTIn Reference To, In Regard To, International Response Team
ISAIndividual Savings Account, Jesus
ISBI'm So Bored
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
ISDKI Simply Don't Know, I Seriously Don't Know, I Still Don't Know
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISHApproximately / Kind Of, Insert Sarcasm Here, Shit
ISHKI Should Have Known
ISLYI Still Love You
ISOKing Iso (Rapper), In Search of, International Organization For Standardization
ISOLTRIn Search Of Long Term Relationship
ISPInternet Service Provider
ISSI'm So Sorry, International Space Station
ISSNInternational Standard Serial Number
ISTATOYI Saw This and Thought of You
ISTGI Swear To God
ISTMIt Seems to Me
ISTRI Seem To Recall
ISWYDTI See What You Did There
ISWYMI See What You Mean
ITInformation Technology
ITAI Totally Agree
ITAII'll Think About It
ITALYI Trust and Love You
ITCIn That Case, In This Channel
ITEAll Right
ITFIn the Future
ITGIn the Groove
ITIAILWYI Think I Am in Love with You
ITIKYI Think I Know You
ITILUI Think I Love You
ITILYI Think I Love You
ITKIn the Know
ITLInvited To Leave
ITMIn the Mouth
ITMAIt's That Man Again
ITNI Think Not
ITOIn Terms of
ITOYI'm Thinking of You
ITPInside the Perimeter
ITSI Thought So
IT'S GIVINGIt Gives Off a Certain Vibe
ITSKIt's Okay
ITSOIn the Style of
ITTIn This Thread
ITTETIn These Tough Economic Times
ITWYMIs That What You Mean?
ITYFI Think You'll Find
ITYLI'll Tell You Later
ITYMI Think You Mean
ITYSI Told You So
ITZIn the Zone
IU2UIt's Up To You
IUSSIf You Say So
IVFIn Vitro Fertilization
IWALUI Will Always Love You
IWALYI Will Always Love You
IWBBI Will Be Back
IWCInternet Wrestling Community
IWHII Would Hit It
IWIDIt's What I Do
IWIKI Wish I Knew
IWIWTI Wish I Were There
IWMIt Wasn't Me
IWOOTI Want One of Those
IWSNI Want Sex Now
IWTDI Want to Die
IWUI Want You
IWYI Want You
IYAHello, In Your Arms, In Your Area, Mother
IYAMIf You Ask Me
IYBTYBAIf You Believe That, You'll Believe Anything
IYDIn Your Dreams
IYDKIf You Didn't Know
IYDMIf You Don't Mind
IYFIn Your Face
IYGMIf You Get Me
IYHIn Your Head
IYKWIMIf You Know What I Mean
IYKYKIf You Know, You Know
IYLIf You're Lucky
IYLIt's Your Life
IYOIn Your Opinion
IYSSIf You Say So
IYSWIMIf You See What I Mean
IYTAll right
IYTEAll right
IYTTIf You Think That
IYWIf You Want, If You Will
IYWWIf You Were Wondering

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