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Cyber Definitions Beginning with O

Ounce (drugs)
Oh, Really?
Over and Out
Wide eyed
High five
High five
Innocent, angelic
Innocent, angelic
Confused, Dumbfounded, Shocked
Over Achiever, Over Acting
On Another Note, One America News
One America News Network
On a Need to Know Basis
Over and Out
Old Age Pensioner
On A Thing
On a Totally Unrelated Subject
On an Unrelated Subject
Open Beta, Oh, Brother
Oh, Baby!
Order of the British Empire
Overcome By Events
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Or Best Offer
Off-By-One Error, Penis
Oh, Be Quiet
Oh, By the Way
Of Course, Officer Commanding, Original Character, Original Content, The Orange County
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Oh (Scottish dialect)
Of Course Not
Oh, Come On
Optical Character Recognition
On Company Time
Over Doing it
One Day at a Time
Own Damn Fault
Oh Dear God
Oh Dear Lord
On Dis Ting
Operator Error
Oxford English Dictionary
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Oh F*ck!, Old Fart, OnlyFans
White person (derogatory)
Of Course, Of F*cking Course
Oh, for God's Sake!
Old Folks' Home
Overwhelming Feelings of Concern
Original, Original Gangster, Own Goal
Oh God, It's Monday!
Only God Knows
Other Half
Expression of Surprise, Shock, or Remorse
Own House and Car
Oh, Hi
Oh Hell, It's Monday!
Strange, Bad or Weird
Oh, Okay!
One Hit Knock Out
Oh Hell, No!
One Handed Typing
One Hit Wonder
Officer in Command, Oh, I See!
Unpleasant person or Yob
Pipe Used to Smoke Crystal Meth or Crack Cocaine
Male Ejaculation
Orange Is The New Black
Only Joking
On Job Training
Only Kidding
Oklahoma City
Okay, Oklahoman
Okay, Oklahomans
Objectives and Key Results
Okay, Whatever!
Opening Line
Organic Light-Emitting Diode
One Less Lonely Girl
One Life to Live
Old Man
Older Male for Younger Male
Oh My Allah!
On My Break
Oh My Days!
Over My Dead Body!
Oh My Days!
Oh My Days!
An Anonymous Chat Site
Oh My God!
Oh My Giddy Aunt!
Oh My God Dude!
Oh My Gosh, Not Again!
Oh My Gosh!
Oh My God!
Disparaging Term for Omicron Variant of SARS-CoV-2 Virus
SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Variant
Oh My Jesus Christ!
Oh My Lord
Eating noises
Oh My Science!, World Health Organization
Oh My Sweet Jesus!
One More Thing
Oh My Word!, On My Way
On My Way Home
Oh My Zeus
Old News Bro, Orange Is The New Black, Outward Nose Breath
Orre News Broadcasting Station (Pokemon)
Or Nearest Cash Offer
Happened on a single occasion only
Direct Access to Zoom Meeting by Telephone from iOS Device
On God
Ounce (drugs)
Subscription-Based Content Sharing Site
Official Nintendo Magazine, Oh, Never Mind
Oh No, Not Again
Oh No, Not This Again
Or Near Offer
Oh No!
Office for National Statistics, One Night Stand
Oh No They Didn't!
Oh No You Didn't!
Oh No You Didn't!
One of a Kind
Out of Body Experience
Out of Character, Out of Context, Out of Control
Exclamation of Pain or Surprise, Out of Focus, Out of Office
Out of Here
Out of Interest
Out Of Mana
One of My Friends
Out of My League
Out of My Mind
Out of Office
D'oh!, Object-Oriented Programming, Out Of Place, Out Of Print
Out of Style
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Out of Town
Out of the Box
Obligatory On-Topic Comment
Offer Of The Day, Opinion Of The Day, Outfit Of The Day
Out of the Office
Out of This World
Out of Your League
Out of Your Mind
Observation Post, Opposition, Original Poster, Over Powered
Other People's Business
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Plus)
Other People's Kids
Other People's Money
Opponent, Opposition, Other People's Problems
Older Brother
Male friend
Opposition, Opponents
On-Base Plus Slugging, Oops!, Operations, Opposition, Other People's
Operations Security
Open Relationship
Supporter of Donald Trump
Oh, right!
Oh, Really!
Object Relational Mapping
Oh, Really Now!
Frustration, despair
Operating System
One Size Fits All
Or Something Like That
Other Significant Other
Open Source Software
Original Sound Track
Off Topic, Overtime
One True Threesome
Off the Air, Over the Air
Off The Board, Off-Track Betting
Over the Counter
On The Dot, On This Day, Out The Door
Over the Edge
Off Topic Forum, Only The Family, On-The-Fly, Opentype Fonts, Orangetheory Fitness
On the Floor Laughing
On the Go
Off The Hook, On The Hook
One Turn Kill, One True King, Over The Knee
Out to Lunch
One True Love Of My Life
One Thing Led to Another
Of the Moment
One-Track Mind
On That Note
One Time Only
On the Other Hand
On the Other Other Hand
One Time Password, One Trick Pony, One True Pairing, On The Phone
On the Run
Over The Shoulder, On The Side
Over the Top
Slim and Hairy Gay Man
On the Third Hand
Off the Top of My Head
On the Way, Off The Wall
Over to You
Open University (UK)
Once Upon a Time
Ought to
Official Use Only
Out of
Or Very Near Offer
Oh Well!
Other Woman
Oh Well, Never Mind
Happy Surprise or Excitement (Emoticon), Oral Without
One Way Or Another
Occupy Wall Street (protest movement)
Or Words to That Effect
Sharp blade
Oh Yeah
On Your Bike
Oh Your God
Opportunity Youth Network (Newark, NJ)
On Your Own
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