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Cyber DefinitionMeaning
WWhite, Widow, Widowed, Win
W&WWhere and When
W/EWell-Endowed, Whatever or Without
W^What's up
W2FWay Too Funny
W2GWay to Go
W3World Wide Web
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
W4MWoman looking for a man
W8AMWait a Minute
WAWashington State, Western Australia, WhatsApp, Wife Alert
WAAWill Answer All
WADRWith All Due Respect
WAEFRDWhen All Else Fails, Read Directions
WAFWOTWhat a F***ing Waste of Time
WAG1What's Going On?
WAGSWives and Girlfriends
WAGWANWhat's Going On?
WAHWorking at Home
WAHMWork at Home Mum
WAIFUFictional Wife
WAITING ROOM (ZOOM)Waiting Area for Participants in Zoom Meeting
WAJWhat a Joke
WALWhat a Loser
WAMWait a Minute
WAMHWith All My Heart
WAMHASWith All My Heart and Soul
WAMLWith All My Love
WANWhat a Newbie!
WANGIRIOne (Ring) and Cut (Phone Scam)
WAPWet Ass Pussy, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, Wireless Access Protocol, With a Passion
WAPCEWomen Are Pure Concentrated Evil
WAREZPirated software
WASWait and See
WASPWhite Anglo-Saxon Protestant
WATERJoint Dipped in Formaldehyde or PCP
WATPWe Are the People
WATTPADA Social Storytelling Platform
WAUWhat About You?
WAUDWhat Are You Doing?
WAWWhat a W*nker
WAWWhat a Waster
WAYWhere Are You?
WAYDWhat Are You Doing
WAYDRNWhat Are You Doing Right Now?
WAYLTWhat Are You Listening To?
WAYOAWhat Are You On About?
WAYTAWhat Are You Talking About
WAYWOWhat Are You Working On?
WBWelcome Back, Write Back
WBBWill Be Back
WBKWe Been Knew
WBMWanna-Be Moderator
WBNWould Be Nice
WBRWith Best Regards
WBSWrite Back Soon
WBTWill Be There
WBUWhat About You?
WBYWhat 'Bout You?
WCToilet, Welcome
WCB Will Call Back
WCDWhatcha Doing?
WCISWhat Can I Say
WCSWorst Case Scenario
WCWWoman Crush Wednesday, World Championship Wrestling
WCYDWhat Can You Do?
WDWell Done
WD40Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant
WDCWhat's Da Craic?
WDEWorst Day Ever
WDHWhat Da Hell
WDIBWhy Do I Bother?
WDICWhat Do I Care?
WDIMWhat Does It Mean?
WDITOTWhy Didn't I Think of That
WDMBWill Do My Best
WDOMLWorst Day of My Life
WDTMWhat Does That Mean?
WDUDWhat Do You Do?
WDUMWhat Do You Mean?
WDUTWhat Do You Think?
WDYWhy Don't You?
WDYDWhat Did You Do?
WDYDTWhat Did You Do Today?
WDYDTWhy Did You Do That?
WDYEWhat Did You Expect?
WDYGWhere Did You Go?
WDYLLWhat Do You Look Like?
WDYMWhat Do You Mean?
WDYMBTWhat Do You Mean By That?
WDYNWhat Did You Need?, What Do You Need?
WDYSWhat Did You Say?
WDYTWhat Do You Think?
WDYWWhat Do You Want?
WDYWFMWhat Do You Want From Me?
WDYWTWhat Did You Wear Today?
WDYWTTAWhat Do You Want to Talk About?
WEAK AILimited AI Systems Designed to Perform Specific Tasks
WEBWorld Wide Web
WEBAWelcome Back
WEBINARWeb seminar
WECHAT Chinese Social Media and Messaging App
WEDGIEPants or Underwear Pulled Up Into the Butt Cheeks
WEEABOOSomeone Obsessed With Japanese Culture
WEEBSomeone Obsessed With Japanese Culture
WEFWith Effect From
WEGWicked Evil Grin
WEGWide Evil Grin
WEHTWhat Ever Happened To?
WEIBOChinese Messaging App
WEINWhat Else Is New?
WELWhatever, Loser
WELCYou Are Welcome
WELFIEWorkout Selfie
WEMLWhatever Major Loser
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy, Wireless Encryption Protocol
WERKWork, Cool or Great
WE STANWholeheartedly Agree
WETMarijuana Joint Dipped in Formaldehyde or PCP, Ready For Sex, Write Everything Twice
WEVERSEK-Pop App and Web Platform
WFAWork From Anywhere
WFHWork From Home, Work From Hotel
WFIWait for It
WFMWorks for Me
WFYBWhatever Floats Your Boat
WGCWild Goose Chase
WGOWhat's Going On?
WHALINGA Phishing Attack Aimed at a Senior Executive
WhatsAppOnline Messaging App
WHFWanna Have Fun?, World Heart Federation
WHIPCar, To Beat
WHIPPEDBeat, Dominated
WHIPPINBeating, Driving Fast
WHIPPINGBeating, Driving Fast
WHITE NOISESound Played for Relaxation
WHITESPLAINA White Person Condescendingly Explaining Racial Issues to a Member of an Ethnic Minority
WHITEWASHINGCasting a White Actor to Play a Character of Color; Editing Images to Make Skin Appear Lighter; Glossing Over Bad Conduct, Dishonesty, or Other Misdeeds
WHOWorld Health Organization
WHPHWork Hard, Play Hard
WHSWhat He Said
WHTWhat, Withholding Tax
WHYBWhere Have You Been?
WHYDWhat Have You Done?
WIAWounded In Action
WIBNIWouldn't It Be Nice If
WICWomen, Infants and Children
WIERDWestern, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic
WIERD FLEX Boast About Something That Isn't Typically Considered Impressive
WIFEYGirlfriend described as wife material
WIFIWireless network technology
WIGExclamation of Surprise or Delight
WIGGINGAngry, Rebuke
WIGOWhat Is Going On?
WIINintendo Game Console
WIIFMWhat's In It for Me
WIKICollaborative Publication
WIKI (TEAMS)Smart-Text Editor (Microsoft Teams)
WILCOWill Comply
WILTWWhat I Learned This Week
WILTYWould I Lie to You?
WIPWork In Progress
WIRWhen It's Ready
WISE UPStop Being Stupid (Irish Slang)
WISHCYCLINGPutting Items in Recycling Bins in the Hope They Can Be Recycled
WITHWhere In the Hell
WITWWhat In the World
WIUWYWhat Is Up With You?
WIWTWhat I wore Today, Wish I Was There
WIWWUWish I Was With You
WIWWYWhat Is Wrong With You?
WIYPWhat Is Your Problem?
WKSWell Kept Secret
WKYPWill Keep You Posted
WLANWireless LAN
WLMWindows Live Messenger
WLTMWould Like to Meet
WLWWoman Loves Women
WLYBWho Loves You Baby
WLYKWill Let You Know
WMAWindows Media Audio
WMDWeapons of Mass Destruction
WMFWagging My Finger
WMLWish Me Luck
WMMOWSWash My Mouth Out With Soap!
WMPWindows Media Player, With Much Pleasure
WMVWindows Media Video
WMYBWhat Makes You Beautiful
WNWhy Not?
WNDITWBWe Never Did It This Way Before
WNLWithin Normal Limits
WNOHGBWhere No One Has Gone Before
WNTTWe Need to Talk
WNWYWhat's New With You?
WOATWorst of All Time
WOBWaste of Bandwidth
WOCWoman Of Color
WOEWay of Eating, What on Earth?
WOKEAware of and Attentive to Issues of Social and Racial Justice
WOMBATWaste of Money, Brains, and Time
WOOCourt the Favor of, Pseudoscience, New York Gang
WOODErect Penis
WORDCool, Okay, Really?, Whatever!
WORDLEDaily Online Word Game
WORKATIONWorking Vacation
WORKTATIONWorking Vacation
WORMMalicious computer virus
WOSWaste of Space, Wife Over Shoulder
WOTAMWaste of Time and Money
WOTDWord of the Day
WOTLKWrath Of The Lich King
WOTSWord On the Street
WOWExclamation of Surprise, World of Warcraft, Whipped Owned and Wrapped
WPWaypoint, Well Played, White People, WordPress, Wrong Person
WPAWifi Protected Access
WPMWords Per Minute (typing)
WRWarmest Regards
WRTWith Regard To
WRUWhere Are You?
WRUDWhat Are You Doing?
WRUTAWhat Are You Talking About?
WRYDWhat Are You Doing?
WRYTAWhat Are You Talking About?
WSBWall Street Bets Reddit
WSGWhat's Good?
WSICWhy Should I Care?
WSMWoman Seeking Man
WSPWhatsApp, What's Up?, White Skin Privilege
WSSWhy So Serious?
WSTWe're Still Friends
WSTMWe Should Talk More
WSULWill See You Later
WSWTAWhat Shall We Talk About?
WTWhatever, Weight, White Trash
WT?What the ...?
WTAWinner Takes All
WTBWTB - Want to Buy, Welcome to Bloxburg, Wilderness Trail Bikes
WTBSWith That Being Said
WTCWhat the Crap?
WTDTWhat to Do Today
WTDTAWhere They Do That At?
WTFWhat The F*ck
WTGWay to Go!
WTGPWay to Go, Partner!
WTGP?Want to Go Private?
WTHWhat The Hell/Heck?, Where The Hell/Heck?, Who The Hell/Heck?
WTHAYWhere the Hell Are You?, Who the Hell Are You?
WTHCWho the Hell Cares?
WTHIGOWhat the Hell Is Going On?
WTHITWhat the Hell Is That?
WTHIWWYWhat the Hell Is Wrong With You?
WTHNWhy the Hell Not?
WTHRUWhere the Hell Are You?, Who the Hell Are You?
WTIIWhat time Is It?
WTKWant to Know
WTLWill Talk Later
WTLWWelcome to Last Week
WTMWhatever That Means, What's The Matter?, What's The Move?
WTMIWay Too Much Information!
WTMLWelcome to My Life
WTMWWelcome to My World
WTOWorld Trade Organization
WTPWant to play?, What's The Point?
WTPAWhere's The Party At?
WTRWilling To Relocate
WTSWant to Sell
WTTWant to Trade
WTTCWelcome to the club
WTTIRWhen the Time Is Right
WTTJWelcome to the Jungle
WTTMWithout Thinking Too Much
WTWWhat's The Word?
WTYWhy, Thank You!
WTYOWhatever Turns You On
WUWhat's Up
WUAWhat You At?
WUBUWhat You Been Up to?
WUBU2What You Been Up To?
WUCIWUGWhat You See Is What You Get
WUDWhat You Doing?
WUFWhere are you from?
WUGWhat You Got?
WUGWhere You Going?
WUGOWMWill You Go Out With Me?
WULAWhat're you Looking At?
WULLNPWishing You Long Life and Prosperity
WUMWind-Up Merchant
WUU2What are You Up To?
WUUP2What are You Up To?
WUUTWhat are You Up To?
WUWWhat Do You want?, What Are You Wearing?, Who Are You With?
WUWCBWhat do You Want to Chat about?
WUWHWish You Were Here?
WUWTWhat's Up With That
WUWTAWhat You Wanna Talk About?
WUWTBWhat You Wanna Talk 'Bout?
WUWUWhat's Up With You?
WW1World War One
WW2World War Two
WW2 GENERATIONGeneration Born between 1901 and 1927
WWCWhite Working Class
WWEWorld Wrestling Entertainment
WWFWorld Wildlife Fund, World Wrestling Federation
WWG1WGAWhere We Go One, We Go All
WWICWhy Would I Care?
WWITWhat Was I Thinking?
WWOTWWicked Witch of the West
WWTBAMWho Wants to Be a Millionaire?
WWUWhere Were You?
WWWWorld Wide Web
WWWXXXFree Pornography Site
WWWYWhat's Wrong With You?
WWYWhere Were You?
WWYDWhat Would You Do?
WWYDTWhy Would You Do That?
WYWhy?, Would You?, Wyoming
WYAWhere You At?, World Yoga Alliance, World Youth Alliance
WYATBWish You All the Best
WYBWatch Your Back, Where You Been?
WYBDWhat've You Been Doing?
WYBMVWill You Be My Valentine?
WYCMWill You Call Me?
WYDWhat You Doing?
WYDMWhat You Doing Man?, What You Doing Mate?, What You Do Matters
WYDNWhat You Doing Now?
WYFWhat's Your Favorite?, Who's Your Favorite?, Where You From?, World Youth Forum
WYGWhat You Get
WYGOWMWill You Go Out With Me?
WYKWould You Kindly
WYLWhatever You Like
WYLABOCTGWTRWould You Like a Bowl of Cream to Go With That Remark?
WYLASOMWTCWould You Like a Saucer of Milk With That Comment?
WYLIONWhether You Like It Or Not
WYLLWhat You Look Like?
WYLSCWTWWould You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?
WYLTWhat You Listening To?
WYMWatch Your Mouth!, What You Mean?
WYMMWill You Marry Me?
WYNWhat's Your Name?
WYPWhat's Your Point?, What's Your Problem?
WYPIPOWhite People
WYPSWould You Please Stop?
WYRWould You Rather?
WYRNWhat's Your Real Name?
WYSWhatever You Say, What's Your Status, What You Said, What You Saying
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
WYTWait Your Turn, Whatever You Think, What You Think, White (Person), Worth Your Time
WYTAWhat You Talking About?
WYUTWhat You Up To?
WYWWhat You Want, Whatever You Want
WYWHWish You Were Here
WYWTAWhat You Wanna Talk About?

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