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Cyber Definitions Beginning with P

Methamphetamine, Money / Pence, Player
Point and Click
Peace and Love
Profit and Loss
Party And Play, Postage and Packaging
Pick Up
Part exchange
Childish person
Process Too Complicated to Explain
Peer To Peer, Pay to Play, Pay To Progress
Pay to Win, Play To Win, Professional Time Waster
Employment severance form (UK)
Pound for Pound, Proactive Provider Participation For P2P
Parent Alert (USA)
Parent Alert (UK)
Personal Assistant
Private Automatic Branch Exchange
Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency; Preparation, Accountability, Communication and Execution
Apartment or House
Professional Association of Diving Instructors and An Indian Education Organisation
Phone a Friend
Pakistani person (derogatory)
Parents Are Listening
Woman who likes older men
Not very good or rubbish
Someone who Sells Stocks or Shares too Early
Update to a Computer Program or App
Party All the Time
Parents are watching
Phat Ass White Girl
Peace (from the Latin word)
Pay As You Earn
Pay As You Go
Personal Best
Pillow Biter (i.e. homosexual)
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Pirate Bulletin Board
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Paris-Brest-Paris, Please Be Patient
Please Be Quiet
Public Broadcasting Service
Peace Be Upon Him
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You
Personal Computer, Photo Credit, Police Constable, Politically Correct
Picture Comment for Picture Comment
Korean Internet Café
Please Come Back
Printed Circuit Board
Peripheral Component Interconnect
Please Call Me
Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adapter
Phencyclidine (drugs)
Pacific Crest Trail, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Percent
Public Domain
Personal Digital Assistant, Public Display Of Affection
Please Don't Be a Zombie
Public Display of Elderly Affection
Portable Document Format
Pretty Damn Good
Public Display of Affection
Pretty Damn Precious
Pretty Damn Quick
Pacific Daylight Time
Physical Education, Player Exclusive
Butt or Vagina, Pleasing or Attractive
Dressing Up For Social Media Photos
Bad or Terrible, Excellent or Great
Problem Exists Between Chair and Computer
Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard
Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair
Computer network without a central server
Female to Male/Female Anal Sex with Strapon
Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract
Very Sexy, Attractive or Desirable
Extremely Desirable, Attractive or Sexy
Politically Exposed Person
The Perception That a Product Is Outdated Due To Aesthetic, Functional, or Technological Changes
End of Discussion
End of Conversation
Extended Period of Social or Political Instability and Insecurity
Ogling or Letching
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Plug-In Electric Vehicle
Professional Female
Please Find Attached
Please Find Below
Private First Class
Expression of Disagreement or Dismissal, Pro Football Focus
Expression Of Dismissal
Partnership for Peace, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Pay for Performance, Picture for Proof, Profile Picture
Sound made in disagreement
Parental Guidance, Please God
Parental Guidance if Under 13
Professional Golfers' Association
Pretty Goddamn Awesome
Pretty Good Privacy
Cool or Great, Pretty Hot and Tempting
Doctor of Philosophy
Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle
Fraudulent Attempt to Obtain Sensitive Information
Personal Home Page
Potential Hook Up
Ignoring Someone by Looking at Your Phone
Play It By Ear
Partner In Crime
Difficult Situation, Penis
Problem In Chair Not In Computer
Kilo of Drugs, Vagina
Utterly Contemptible or Worthless
Ignored or Rejected, Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction
Police Officer (Derogatory)
Woman Using a Man for Personal Gain
Police (Derogatory)
Personally Identifiable Information
Gypsy or Traveler (Derogatory), Low Quality
Stupid Person
Pee In My Pants Laughing
Personal Identification Number
Australian Fifty-Dollar Bill, Complicated Relationship, Reprimand, SpongeBob SquarePants' house
Sound Played for Relaxation
White girl
Network Connection Speed
Thin Marijuana Joint
Protect IP Act
Person In Question
Parent In Room
Pain in the Ass
Peace In the Middle East
Parent In the Room
Pump It Up!
Plug-In Vehicle
Debunked Conspiracy Theory
Pipe Used to Smoke Crystal Meth or Crack Cocaine
Painkiller, Player Kill
Pot, Kettle, Black!
Public Key Infrastructure
Please Keep In Touch
Picking Up Litter While Walking
Stupid Person
Designing a Product So It Will Become Obsolete After an Artificially Short Period
Credit or Debit Card
Cool, Romantically or Sexually Promiscuous Person
Public Limited Company
Poor Life Decision
Low-class or common person
Product-Led Growth
Peace, Love and Happiness
Potential Love Interest
Permute Last Layer, Phase-Locked Loop, Pretty Little Liars
Please Leave Me Alone
Please Let Me Know
Picking Up Litter While Jogging
Cheap wine
Stupid person
Parents Looking Over Shoulder, Public Library Of Science
Peace, Love and Positivity, People Lazily Procrastinating, Performance Linked Pay, Personal Learning Plan, and Public Leaning Post
People Like Us
Contact, Drug Dealer
Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect
Post Meridiem, Private Message, Professional Male
Positive Mental Attitude
Private Message Box
Post Meal Cigarette
Personal Mobile Device, Put Me Down
Pardon My French
Pardon Me for Jumping In
Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth!
Pardon My Jumping In
Piss Me Off, Project Management Office, Put Me On
Put Me On Your Snapchat
Premenstrual Syndrome
P*issing Myself Laughing
Pre-Menstrual Tension
Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me for Someone Who Gives a Damn
Point and Click
Portable Network Graphics (image file type)
Peace and Love
Party And Play, Plug and Play
Passenger Name Record
Pacific North West
Payment on Account, Piece of Ass, Plan of Action, Power of Attorney, Price on Application
Person Of Color, Point Of Contact, Proof Of Concept
Accidentally make a call with the phone in your pocket
Passed Out Drunk
Plenty of Fish (dating website)
Awesome, Cool, or Amazing; Play of the Game
Awesome, Cool, or Amazing
Awesome, Cool, or Amazing
Points of Interest
Photos, Or it Didn't Happen!
Point of No Return
Pipe Used to Smoke Drugs, Term of Affection
Attack or Criticize, Popular, Proof Of Project
Post Office Protocol v3 (email)
Amyl Nitrate (drugs)
Amyl Nitrate (drugs)
Person Who Sits on Their Porch a Lot
Someone Who Steals Packages Left Outside Premises
Piece of Sh*t, Proof of Stake
Upper Class, Luxurious or Refined, Port Outward Starboard Home
Group of Friends
Person Of The Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters.
Zip Code (UK)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Movie)
Post of the Day
Phantom of the Opera
Parents Over the Shoulder
President of the United States
Post of the Year
Point of View
Prisoner of War, Proof of Work
HIV positive
Parts Per Billion
Pay Per Click
Points Per Game
Parts Per Million
Per Person, Per Week
Post-Post Script
Microsoft PowerPoint
Please Pick Up
Pay Per View
Public Relations
Stupid person
Girl with unattractive face but good body
People's Republic of China
To Regret Something Before Doing It But Decide To Do It Anyway
Cousin, Excellent, Marijuana Joint Laced with Cocaine
Conversation Visible Only to Members Involved (Microsoft Teams)
Definitely Probably
Protestant (derogatory)
Broad-Based Team (Microsoft Teams)
Respect or Appreciation
Parents Are Watching
Photoshop, PlayStation, Pointless Sh*t, Post Script
Please and Thank Yous
Computer port for keyboard or mouse
Play Station 2
Play Station 3
Prostate-Specific Antigen, Public Service Announcement
Please See Below
Photoshop Data file
Porn Star Experience
Paris Saint-Germain F.C. (French Soccer Team)
Pounds per Square Inch (pressure)
Personal Short Message
Playstation Network
PlayStation Portable
Pretty Standard, Really
Pacific Standard Time, Please Send Tell
Public Switched Telephone Network
Power Supply Unit
Playstation X
Fooled You!, Only Joking!
Fooled You!, Only Joking!
Elated or excited
Physical Training
Passing the Buck, Please Text Back, Powers That Be
Popping the Collar
Private Military)
Pardon the Interruption
Praise the Lord
Please Tell Me
Paid Time Off
Pay to Play, Peer to Peer
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Pay to Win, Play To Win, Professional Time Waster
Pop Up
Pick Up Artist
Public house
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Gaming)
Pick Up Group
Cannabis Flower, Genuine or Excellent
Attract Someone
Withdraw Support or Funding
Woman Who Dates Younger Men
Highly-motivated or exhilarated
Anarchic Music Genre, Chancer or Low-Level Gang Member
Puppy Meme
Perpetrator, Purple
Strong Marijuana
Expression of Approval and Contentment
To sell drugs
Behaving in a Cool Way
Coward, Vagina
Public Utility Vehicle
Promotional Video
Polyvinyl Chloride
Player Versus Environment
Player Versus Monster
Player Versus Player
Personal Video Recorder
Password, Persons with Disabilities, Posting While Drunk
Simpering form of please
Professional White Male
Own or Truly Beat
Owned or Truly Beaten
Owned or Truly Beaten
Owned or Truly Beaten
Owned or Truly Beaten
Proceeding With Orders Received
Parents Watching Over Shoulder
Plot? What Plot?
Poor White Trash
Part Exchange, Post Exchange
Play Your Position
Pretty Young Thing
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